Things I Want to Learn

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There are many things that I have tried to pick up and either decided it wasn’t for me like knitting or sewing, or continued to do from that day forth like painting and snowboarding. But there are more things on my list that I really want to learn at some point in the future.


Every time I go on a vacation that has a beach, I want to do this but somehow never get around to actually taking the class for one reason or another. I think it would be an absolute gas even if I only ever did it the one time, because I could always talk about the one time that I got to do that.


If you know me in real life, you will know I am the absolute worst at cooking. Baking I can do without a problem but ask me to make a dinner that’s not pop it into the microwave for a few minutes and I’m completely lost. I know the basics but that’s about it. I’ve been watching countless cooking videos on YouTube to learn how to actual cook. If you have any cookbooks that you would recommend let me know as I definitely need those especially know that I’m moving out in May!


I briefly played bass guitar when I was in high school and decided I wanted to switch to acoustic guitar. So I traded in my bass or an acoustic but have yet to actually touch it. Right now the guitar stares at me in the corner of the room reminding me that I really need to do something with it. But every time I have time to sit down and learn, everyone else in my house is asleep so it would be utterly rude to play the guitar. Hopefully I’ll figure out some time in the future to learn it as I love music.


This is more just a subject that needs improvement. I want to actually get a DSLR camera so I can take higher quality photographs. Right now I’m just using my iPhone but I know there is so much more options if I had a DSLR camera. Especially if I want to take my photographs more creatively for this blog.

Do you have anything new you want to learn?

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