Whitening Teeth with Charcoal

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I’ve never been one who cared a whole lot about my teeth from the time I was told I had to brush every night. I hated it, I disliked being forced to brush my teeth. And though I did it, I never did it to the full extent I probably should have. This has led to cavities this past year as well as discoloration on my teeth. Mainly due to the high pop, coffee, and tea consummation I have. I’ve been trying to cut back on that as my opinion has changed over my teeth. Before I wasn’t bothered by the stains and slight yellow tint. But since March after getting a lot of my teeth filled in with resins since the cavities were more intense than a normal filling. I decided enough was enough. I was going to change my attitude so I didn’t have to do that again. So I got whitening strips and whitening toothpaste, but saw no result. Then I saw several pins on Pinterest about whitening your teeth with active toothpaste. And I decided I would give it a go, half expecting it not to work. As many Pinterest things end up being.

Researching Active Charcoal

An interesting fact about active charcoal that I learned while researching if this would work, is that it was used in the past to help treat people who were poisoned as it’s extremely effective at binding with toxins. Especially if taken within 30 minutes of ingestion. However, I would not recommend experimenting with it as that is highly dangerous for your health. As this can cause constipation and black mineral absorption that is needed for your body. In large doses it can also cause dehydration. Another thing I learned while researching is that charcoal is great for preventing cavities and killing bacteria that cause tooth decay and gingivitis.

So I went onto Amazon and ordered myself a spearmint flavored active charcoal powder specific to teeth and gums for about $10.

Using Active Charcoal – Directions and Results

Once I got it in the mail, I brushed my teeth regularly then with the active charcoal powder. To do this you have to drip a wet toothbrush into the powder then brush in small, circles for about two minutes over your sink. The stuff will get everywhere and stain. Once you’re done spit out the charcoal and rinse your mouth out.

I took pictures over the course of a week to show the effects of using the active charcoal. I am not trying to smile in any of these pictures as I was trying to show all my teeth.

After first use of active charcoal
After first use of active charcoal
After two uses of active charcoal
After two uses of active charcoal
After three uses. My cavity on one of my lower teeth that I need to get filled in is a tad bit less noticeable but more noticeable at the same. It's lighter in color but still very noticeable. 
After three uses. My cavity on one of my lower teeth that I need to get filled in is a tad bit less noticeable but more noticeable at the same. It’s lighter in color but still very noticeable. 

The first time I did the treatment, I could see my teeth go from being still covered in gunk that didn’t come off during regular brushing to looking like I just stepped out of the dentist. And not as yellow as they were before. The black charcoal also all washes away so you don’t have to worry about your teeth being stained black. After that I could visibly see my teeth before progressively whiter.

Addressing Concerns

One thing I was worried about besides my teeth becoming black is that it would stain my fillings, but I have not seen any issues with it thus far. As well as losing more calcium in my teeth than I already have, but from what I’ve learned it only binds to organic compounds so it should be safe. But I would check with your dentist if you have concerns about your teeth.

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