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My Bad Beauty Habits


We’re all guilty of breaking beauty rules from time to time. I’ve been trying to create a regime for the past few months and make it into a habit so I don’t have problems related to those bad habits. So these are all the things I often do that I need to stop like yesterday.

Not Regularly Getting my Hair Trimmed

When my hair was red or dark, I was actually pretty good about going in as the appearance of roots would be a reminder for me. But a few months ago I started going back towards my natural hair color, but now I don’t remember to go in. Hair trims are good for getting rid of split ends and reviving dry ends. You’re supposed to go every eight to twelve weeks.

Washing with Hot Water

I love a good hot shower or bath, but it’s not the best for your skin. Or hair for that matter. Especially as it can actually dry out your skin and hair more.

Sleeping with Makeup On

This is something I regularly did, then dealt with black rings under my eyes from the eyeliner of the day before. And noticing my skin would have out breaks more frequently due to the fact it was never getting cleansed of makeup. Or my pillowcase would be red or pink or orange from where my lipstick or foundation rubbed against it.

Using dirty brushes

Not only does it mean that when I go to apply a sudden nude look I end up with a different color than I thought, but it also doesn’t help my skin as it carries all the bacteria of makeup product left on it from before. So now I’m going through at least weekly or monthly to clean off all my brushes. Which is a lot more than I did before.

What bad beauty habits are you guilty of?

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