6 Fashion Rules to Follow

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Credit: Runway Everywhere

Credit: Runway Everywhere

A few weeks ago, I did a post called “Fashion Rules I Refuse to Follow.” Well, there are some rules that I follow the best I can. Sometimes I fail and wear things that really don’t go together, but for the most part I try not to break them.

Focus on one body part to show off

If you’re going to show skin, make it tasteful by only emphasizing one part of the body not all of it. If you’re going to show off cleavage then cover up everywhere else. Showing off legs, then cover up your cleavage. It looks more classy this way.

Loose and Tight go well together

Never just go for one or the other. You either look like you don’t care about your appearance or you’re covered in latex. Plus using the combination of the two can help you if you’re conscious about a certain aspect of your body. Say one day you aren’t happy with your stomach, a baggy t-shirt or tunic with leggings can help hide that.

Don’t be a Closet Hoarder

Having options is great but having too many and you’ll end up having more clothing than you will actually ever wear because you don’t know what’s in your closet. Try to keep your closet clean by donating what you don’t wear. A good rule of thumb is to donate anything you haven’t worn in more than a year as odds are you will not return to wearing that article of clothing. One thing you can do to help prevent your closet from becoming a hoarder’s paradise is to do a capsule wardrobe. Every season pick 20-30 pieces of clothing to create looks from. Often times items from one season can be used in another and stop you from just purchasing clothing to purchase clothing. It will help you be more conscious about what you buy and often times stop you from purchasing things you don’t need.

If you’re wearing white, check yourself out under a bright light

Last thing youwant when you’re wearing white is to find out your undergarments have been showing all. Best rule of thumb with white is to wear skin tone undergarments on those days. White undergarments will show through white clothing. I learned this from my sorority sisters. Trust me, check it before someone comes up to you and comments about seeing your bra or underwear. Talk about embarrassment.

Mixing Prints

You’ve often heard not to mix prints. While that’s not true. You can if you follow a few rules: make sure they have the same color schema or are various sizes of the same pattern.

Unsure of shoe color, go nude.

If you’re debating on what shoe color goes best with your outfit, the best thing to do is just go for a nude color. They will make your legs look longer and it goes with everything.

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