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Why I Enjoy Using Disqus

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Credit: Creative Convex

Credit: Creative Convex

Several months ago, I switched from the standard Blogger comment form to Disqus. It’s a fairly common, easy-to-use comment form that you install on your blog. I really have enjoy switching over to Disqus for several reasons: further reading, comment editing, and keeping in touch.

Further reading

This is a feature of Disqus is a section that gets added below the comments that other people commented on or found interesting. Which helps as a blogger to get people to stay on the blog longer and read other posts that I’ve done.

Comment editing

I just learned about but it my second favorite thing that Disqus offers. Because I practically read all blogs on my phone when I have a little bit of down time throughout my day or on breaks at work. So commenting on them is simple as I don’t have to keep filling out a form if they have Disqus installed. But my iPhone, loves to change what I type and I don’t always check it. So being able to go back and fix that helps a lot.

Keeping in touch

The old form for comments didn’t inform others or myself if someone replied to a comment. And generally I like to know when someone replies to something I’ve commented. And as a blogger, I try to reply to everyone that comments on my posts. So the feature of Disqus that emails users to inform them that someone replied is a feature I really like.

Have you ever tried Disqus? What are your thoughts on it?


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