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Things I Get Excited for as an Adult


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As I’m moving out in less than a week now, I’ve noticed there are a lot of things I get excited about that honestly I never thought I would be excited about. This includes a lot of appliances and household shopping that I’ve suddenly gotten very excited to get. Including: grill for our little patio, crock pots, and various home accents like plants. And not just random home accents but ones that actually go together like I was designing something straight out of HGTV. So these are just some of the things I get super excited about as an adult:

  1. Buying new furniture like chairs and desks. I sit in typically the same few places but I know that others would actually enjoy places to sit. So I’ve been excited about finding really cool chairs and putting an accent pillow on them. Or a desk so I actually have somewhere to work that’s not on top of a book case with a loose piece of wood.
  2. Going to garage sales or flee markets to find things to redecorate or finish so they fit with the look of the townhouse I’m moving in with my friends. 
  3. Watching HGTV or DIY Network and wanting to do some home improvement projects.
  4. Buying things to serve things rather than just using a knife or fork. Because I realized it’s something you just do as it’s nice for parties or guests.
  5. Having and using coasters. Not that any of our furniture would be ruined by a wet drink, but I still want to have people use them. Why? I have no idea. Where did this come from? Other adults doing the same thing.
  6. Going to stores to buy appliances and not buying the cheapest thing just to get by. I actually look to find the best thing of whatever appliance I’m shopping for.

What are some thing you get excited for as an adult? Or things you never thought you would get excited for when you were growing up.

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