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Bath Bomb Lush Haul


From top to back/left to right: Sex bomb, Intergalatic, Guardian of the Forest, Honey Bee, Sakura, Experimenter, Twilight

One thing I have come to enjoy a lot are bath bombs. To the point where I ended up using my mom’s Christmas present because I didn’t realize they were hers and not mine. So I went to Lush with my best friend/roommate Kiki who works there part time, and got eight bath bombs (six of which are for my mom). As well as two other items to pamper myself with as everything I’ve been trying out for my eyes have been epic fails causing my eyelids to be dry and itchy.

The bath bombs I picked up were: butterball (not photographed above), experimenter, intergalactic, sex bomb, sakura, honey bee, twilight, and guardian of the forest. Each were about $7. I ended up using butterball and honey bee, leaving the rest with my mom.

From left to right: Ultrabland, Butterball Bath Bomb, Enchanted Eye Cream

The other two items I got were Enchanted Eye Cream and Ultrabland. Enchanted Eye Cream costs $28, so far my eyelids have felt much better since using it. While, Ultrabland is a beeswax based cleanser that you can use to remove makeup, and it costs $30. I don’t think it’s the greatest makeup remover as other products I have do the charm a lot better, but it at least is a good cleanser.

Have you picked up anything lately from Lush?

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