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Childhood Story: Paper Houses

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When I was little, I had a wild imagination. I didn’t want toys for my birthday, I wanted just simple things such as: tape, paper, and either crayons or coloring pencils. So I could let my imagination take me to different places and worlds. Often leading me to build paper houses filled with people, pets, and rooms that went along with the story I was acting out. Thus entertaining me for hours if not weeks, or until the tape holding together the paper house would give out and the house looked warped. At that point I would either build a new house and move that family into the new place or create a new family/story for the next place.

Many times my family would come into my room asking who I was talking to as I wasn’t just playing the stories out in my head, but out loud. Some of my favorite “stories” I would make for the families were: singer performing in concert halls, witches, superheroes, school or a full house type family situation.

What was your favorite thing to image or make when you were a child?


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