Celebrating Level 23 of Life

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Today is my birthday! I have made it to level 23 of life. I have beat the mushroom kingdom, made it past the underwater levels and the desert level, and now I’m onto the lava levels. Or something like that. My birthday in years past have been a combination of horrible luck to great luck. Five years ago my Grandpa died a week before my birthday, the year after my dog of fifteen years died two days after my birthday, two years ago I got a full time job in the IT field, and last year I got promoted. So this year, I was wondering what type of luck I would have. So far, I’m still not sure.

To start out the day, I’m going to my church to volunteer then I’m helping my sister out at the Passion Kidz store as it’s now her project. After that I have absolutely nothing planned. Which I love because I really just want to either watch Netflix or play video games all day.

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday with my roommates. Who made me a supernatural cake but instead of the symbols from the demon trap they used my name. And this morning they surprised me with a bunch of sprite and ginger-ale as I wasn’t feeling well last night and they decorated my door with streamers to create a TARDIS. On top of that my present was the Big Bang Bubble Bar and Intergalactic Bath Bomb to go with the Doctor Who theme of my door.

One thing I really want to do for my birthday is go to the zoo, as I love animals. And my sister is going to take me, but she found out about an adult only after hours at the zoo event the Minnesota Zoo is doing this month. But the next one isn’t until the 27th. So I’m excited for that present. My favorite animals to look while at the zoo is the otters, because they are just loving life. However, my favorite animals in general are wolves. They are basically my spirit animal.

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!

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