Life Lately | May 2016

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New House

So beginning of May I spent the mass majority moving into my new townhouse with my best friends, Kiki and Ariel. We didn’t have internet for the first few weeks, which was fine for the most part as that might I didn’t have a reason not to unpack everything and finish reading books that had been sitting on my end table for months because I was always doing something else either for the blog, YouTube, or just playing video games. And yes, because there was no internet I couldn’t get access to any of my video games as both Origin and Steam needed updates before I could play anything. Therefore, I had to forego my after work stress relief of playing one of my games. As well as not recording any games for my gaming channel. And I can tell my stress level increased without the internet. And my phone ran out of data in the first week when I was trying to watch videos on YouTube.


I also started working a lot more at the Pet Hotel compared to in April, which I love because after a stressful day on the phone at the full time IT job I get to supervise/play with dogs. I honestly don’t see it as a job granted I have to do specific things every day and get paid. If I could make the same amount of money as my full time job working there I would switch in a heartbeat, but unfortunately you cannot. I enjoy it all the same, currently I am only a seasonal employee but I might see about if I can stay on as staff longer when the one hundred and twenty days are up. As a side note, I am seeing a lot more bruises on my skin as I bruise easy and somehow manage to bang up my skin a lot at this job. Including breaking my middle fingertip at the beginning of the month, which as of this post, it still hurts a lot if there is any pressure to my finger. But a plus side, as I have to share Pixie with my mom and sister so I don’t have her every day at the new place, going to the pet hotel helps me get by until the next time I get to have the little bug.


Diet wise I have been debating on making a very serious change. Not for health concern reasons or for any strong reasons, but just because I want to. The problem with what I want to cut out is 95% of my diet. As I am very tempted in becoming a pescetarian, so that means no land animals or birds such as beef, pork, chicken or turkey. But I can still have fish, shrimp, lobster, and crab. However, my favorite food is cheeseburgers so cutting them completely out of my diet is going to be a challenge. Also I am not a fan at all of vegetables. I have tried to enjoy it so many times, but sincerely cannot stand it. So if I switch, I’m going to be struggling to eat a lot of meals. Thus I first want to get to a point where I enjoy vegetables and healthy foods before just cutting myself off of meat. If you have any tips on cutting out meat and enjoy vegetables, please leave them in the comments. As I would really appreciate it.

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