Off-Lease Dog Parks with Pixie

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In the Twin Cities there aren’t a lot of open fields or places to take your dog that loves to run that don’t require you have a lease. And a long lease doesn’t cut it as they have limitations on the length of lease in many of these places. So finding an off-lease dog park is a must with having a dog who goes zero to sixty after a tennis ball. And I mean that quite literally… while maybe not the speed part. But if there is a tennis ball being thrown, nothing else matters in the world to her. And a six feet limit is not going to cut it. She wants to run 30 to 50 yards after the ball. If not more. 

So throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall I take Pixie to one of the off-lease dog parks in the Three Rivers Park District of the Twin Cities. You have to have a year round permit for the dog park and it must be on you or you will get a ticket. But that seems fair enough when they maintain the grounds and provide a place for your little terrier or other breeds to run and play to their hearts content.

I typically go to one of two parks: Fish Lake Regional Park which is 6.7 acres of land or Elm Creek Park Reserve which is 29 acres of land. There are several others but these are the closest to where I live. Each park is fenced in and the second park features a little pond where Pixie enjoys going swimming. Plus there are always other dogs to socialize with and you get to enjoy walking amongst the woods. Which is really nice, especially for any outdoor lovers.

Where is your favorite place to take your furry friend for fun outdoors?


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