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Adult Night at Minnesota Zoo


So one thing I really wanted to do for my birthday was go to the zoo, but in Minnesota it ends up just being a massive crowd of parents with children to the point where it’s hot, sticky, and you can’t see over them to look at the animals especially when you’re five feet two inches tall. My sister, Lucy, discovered we could go to the zoo when there wasn’t any of that. Minnesota Zoo was offering starting this summer once a month, a time where it’s adults only at the zoo for two and a half hours. So no crowds, no filters, and booze. Sign me up!

And that’s what she did. We went to the zoo where you could take your time in the cooler night air and enjoy the animals. They were active for a change rather than hiding in where ever cool area in their habit was. I got to see pretty much all of my favorite animals including: wolves playing with sticks, chinchillas (I so want one some day as a pet), panda climbing a tree, and otters just loving life in the water.

Many of the exhibits had babies! Which was hilarious because a lot of the babies would not leave their mother alone and people would comment things that you normally wouldn’t around children. Including: “push her over,” and “leave me the hell alone dead child.” But there were also the comments towards the animals that were clearly in their mating season, or a male black monkey who had a very noticeable white genitals showing. And just because there could be children reading this, I am not going to include what those comments were.

Only picture I got where his genitals were not visible.

Overall, it was very enjoyable and I would totally go again in the future to an adult night at the zoo. Plus the event was only $10, when normally it’s $18 for adults and also cheaper than it is for bringing just one child during the day.

What are some fun activities you enjoy going to where you live? Or activities/events you could go to that would be a lot nicer without children running about?

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