Swimsuit Haul from Victoria Secrets

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As my roommates and I live not too far from Medicine Lake in Plymouth, MN that has a bunch of beaches to go sun-tanning or swimming, I went through my swim suits and noticed I had once that’s good for tanning but terrible for swimming. And a one-piece swimsuit. So I decided it was probably time to go on a little shopping splurge and get myself some bikinis for the summer. Which lead me to Victoria Secret where I ended up purchasing four different suits (four tops and three bottoms). I wanted each of them to have a completely different style and design, so I could mix and match or didn’t end up wearing the same suit to death all summer long.

As I plan on actually going outside to the beach quite often. Unfortunately, these beaches don’t allow for Pixie to join me, but we can go a ways down from the main swimming area as Pixie loves swimming and chasing after sticks or balls. But I do think I’ll be getting her a life jacket as she does get tired after an hour, even though she’ll refuse to take a break until I physically drag her back to shore and force her to stay on land to rest.

Some of the designs that I got were the following:

What is your favorite summer pattern for your swimming suits? And what style do you prefer: ruffles, cut outs, bandeau, or triangle?


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