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For a few months I have been debating on getting hair extensions and have been researching it to death as I miss my long hair that I’ve been trying to grow back for over a year now. And one brand that I kept coming across was Irresistible Me, so when they asked if I wanted to try out their clip in hair extensions and write a honest review about it I was very excited. Especially as Silky Touch is made of 100% Remy human hair so it’s easy to wash, style, cut and color (if need be). It also decreases slightly towards the end like normal hair so it looks more natural when blended into your hair.

Note: While this post is not sponsored as I did not receive payment for this post. I am still marking it as one as I did receive the hair extensions for free.

Decision Process

The first thing I had to do was decide on what color, length, and weight I wanted for the Silky Touch extensions. They have an amazing video on their YouTube channel to help you choose which hair color to go with as it can be a little difficult to figure it out without seeing the comparisons. As I was struggling myself to determine if I needed ash blonde or golden blonde as they look very similar until you see them next to each other. I ended up going with ash blonde.

Next I had to determine what length I wanted, as my hair is around 12 inches long currently I decided to go with 20 inches in 200 g for weight. The 200 g has 10 sets: 1 set of 4 clips that is 7.5″, 2 sets of 3 clips that are 6″, 5 sets of 2 clips that are 4″, and 2 sets of 1 clip that are 1.2″.

Types of Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Silky Touch

Made from 100% Remy human hair extensions where the thickness decreases slightly towards the end to look like normal hair. Great for adding volume and/or length to your own hair.

Royal Remy Hair

The premium line of clip-in hair extensions. The hair extensions are given a special treatment to make them more silky and durable. Unlike the Silky Touch they do not decrease in thickness towards the end

Volume Vixen

This is for anyone that wants volume as they are only available in 260 grams and 20 inches in length. Like the Royal Remy Hair they receive the same special treatment for silky touch and durability. As well as same thickness from top to bottom.


Extensions designed to give any ponytail instant volume and texture without damaging your natural hair.

The Packaging

My Irresistible Me hair extensions came in a small thin black box with a thin zip-lock type plastic bag inside. Everything was well-packaged and the hair was secured pretty well in a mesh type protector inside the sealed packet.

One the left you have the bulk of the hair extensions and on the right you have one three clip weft to test in your hair first to ensure that you got the correct color and length for your hair. Which I was concerned about as I have slightly ombre hair so the ends no do match the top. So I wanted to test it out to make sure it would blend seamlessly. And it did!

The Hair Extensions

After taking out and separating the hair extensions, there was a fair amount of hair. I was actually surprised about the amount of hair that I received in the package. As from the looks of it, it doesn’t look that much when it’s all rolled up.

They came straight, flat and smooth which I had to change as my hair is naturally wavy so I had to put a little wave into them so they would blend.

As mentioned earlier, Irresistible Me Hair extensions are made up of 100% human remy hair. What does that mean? Human remy hair is the highest grade of real, human hair that is a preferred choice for hair extensions as well as wigs. It gives out the most natural look and are of salon quality too. Since they are 100% human remy hair, they can be washed, heat-styled and colored too.

Why Clip-In?

Mainly, they are the easiest to wear. You get can put them in or out whenever you want without the costly salon appointments. They also don’t damage your own hair unlike other extensions. You just have to open the clips then snap them into place.

How to use Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

  1. Prepare the hair extensions by brushing them and opening the clips. First thing you’ll be using is the 4-clip (or 3-clip if you are using less hair or have thinner hair) for the inner bottom of the hair.
  2. Now make a half pony and clip or tie it up.
  3. Position the widest hair extension at the center, lining it as close to the scalp.
  4. Clip in the hair extensions by snapping the clips close.
  5. Do the same with the next widest hair extension, this time a little higher than the first one. Section the top half into another half and position the hair extension in the middle.
  6. Next do the sides.
  7. Finish off with the front-side hair extensions on either side of your face.

Results – Before and After pictures




Overall thoughts

I love wearing my Irresistible Me Silky Touch clip in hair extensions. I am; however, going to be booking myself a hair stylist appointment to get the hair extensions to blend better into my hair as they don’t 100% mix to my ends or blend everywhere as you can tell in the after picture. I have tried to blend with both straight and curling the extensions with my natural hair, and neither work. So it’s either because my layers are insanely thick making them really stand out under the extensions or my hair is slightly too light on the ends making it noticeable for what is my natural hair vs. hair extensions. But that’s not the fault of the hair extensions as I matched them to my roots rather than the ends. I’ll update the before and after pictures… or rather post a second before and after when I get that done which might not be for a while as my hair stylist is currently out as she just had a baby.

I am very impressed with my the Silky Touch hair extensions. They are really comfortable and soft to the touch. Plus they aren’t super shiny so they look just like your natural hair. Thank you so much for Irresistible Me for sending me these hair extensions.

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