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Style Inspiration: Zoella/Zoë Sugg


One of my biggest fashion/style inspirations at the moment would have to be Zoella or Zoë Sugg as she has such a retro or airy feel to her style. Which is perfect for any time of the year. So for this Fashion Friday, I’m going to go into some of my favorite outfits that Zoella has worn that inspire my everyday wardrobe.

Note: Images are not my own. All images belong to Zoella. Either from her blog, Pinterest, twitter, or Instagram account.

Suede Chic

Though these outfits are from autumn, I really enjoy some of the outfits that she has worn from this season. Even in the summer, I’m wearing something similar to these only with lighter material and more vibrant colors. As I love pairing tights or leggings underneath a dress or skirt with a pair of boots when I am getting dressed for work.

Casual Retro

Zoella wears a lot of loose dresses, overalls, or smart styled outfits. From the pattern to design of the outfit, it just gives off that retro feel. Though some of these I would probably end up wearing to work, others you can find me wearing something similar on the weekends. Especially the overalls or play suits.

Who inspires your wardrobe? And what about their style do you try to put into yours?

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