Basilica Block Party (Night Two)

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I was so scared all weekend that I wouldn’t be able to go because I was feeling insanely ill. To the point where I had to call into both jobs. But I finally started feeling better and forced myself to leave my house so I could go to Basilica Block Party on the second night. Where I got to see Ron Pope, Matt Nathanson, Philip Philips and The Fray perform on the Great Clips stage in downtown Minneapolis.

Images are courtesy of Cities 97.

Ron Pope

I went to the festival with my mom and sister where we got really nice spots on the side near the front so we had a gate we could lean against and place our drinks behind so they didn’t get knocked over. Ron Pope was really good and fun to listen to. I love how he ended his session singing “A Drop in the Ocean.”

Matt Nathanson

Matt Nathanson was insanely entertaining. I love how at one point he went, “Oh I see we have small children in the audience. So um, this next song is about two consenting adults creating fraction… like starting a bon fire on a camping trip.”

Philip Philips

Though Philip Philips wasn’t as entertaining outside of the music, he was fantastic to listen to. And we danced a lot!

The Fray

The Fray was amazing! I have loved listening to their music for years. And seeing them live made me insanely happy as they were one of the artist I have always wanted to see.


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