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So ever since the phone application came out, I’ve been obsessed with it. And has really helped me with my goal of taking Pixie for walks every day. Which has worked really well, as I’ve been getting up and walking rather than being lazy in my townhouse. Plus my roommate, Harley, is playing as well and I convinced her to join Team Valor with me. So we take both the doggies for walks so it doesn’t look like we’re just playing Pokemon Go. But it’s been a lot of fun.

This is my character, I went for a yellow, purple, and black theme as I loved the black and yellow hat that was one of the few options. As of writing this post I am a level 15 with 56 registered Pokemons in the Pokedex. Which doesn’t sound right for me, but that’s what the Pokedex claims.

My current goal in Pokemon Go is to get the full first generation Eevee family. So far I have three Eevees at the moment that will become the ones above once I manage to get enough candy to evolve them. The trick to getting all the evolutions since you don’t have the stones is based on the basic attacks of the Eevee you captured:

  • Dig for Flareon
  • Body Slam for Jolteon
  • Swift for Vaporeon

My search shall continue, I will have all of my favorite Pokemons. They might only have first generation at the moment but if they ever get the later generations, I will get all the Eevees. 

My Co-Workers and I also started going on Pokemon hunts after work around downtown Minneapolis by going to all the PokeStops. Even trying on lures for the stops near our office so we can catch Pokemon throughout the day whenever we are taking a break.

There have been the draw backs of the application, the main ones I’ve experienced/noticed:

  1. Game crashes often when catching Pokemon.
  2. Servers are unavailable a lot of the time.
  3. Your data plan will be drained, so make sure if you’re on a shared plan you aren’t on an extremely limited bandwidth.
  4. Your phone’s battery dies quickly which sucks when I want to go for insanely long walks.

Have you been sucked into the world of Pokemon Go? Or if you grew up with Pokemon, what is your favorite Pokemon from any generation?

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