Summer Bucket List 2016

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It is summer so there are quite a few things that I want to do for this season. And yes we’re about a month into the season, but it’s not too late to state all the things on my summer bucket list for this year. Some of these I have achieved, but I can always do them multiple times.

Credit: Creative Convex

Credit: Creative Convex

  1. Take a road trip with no plan on where to go.
  2. Go to the zoo (Minnesota or Como Zoo).
  3. Go to the beach for one of the lakes in Minnesota.
  4. Jam out to an outdoor musical festival (Basilica Block Party).
  5. Have an outdoor picnic.
  6. Read at least four books over the course of the summer.
  7. Create a bullet journal.
  8. Paint something new.
  9. Go for a bike ride.
  10. Have a BBQ with friends and family.

So far, I have gone to both Como and Minnesota Zoo, Basilica Block Party which is the Twin Cities’ Outdoor Festival of the summer, and started a bullet journal of my own. What’s on your bucket list this summer? And have you managed to check off any items already? I would love to hear it in the comments!

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