Life Lately | July 2016

Oh July has been a very interesting month. From being stressed out over my budget, to working and planning a lot of projects, walking everywhere for Pokémon Go, and making sure Pixie Bug and Winnie Bear get along.


I literally have no idea what happened, I’ve been sticking to my budget to a tie and not going overboard when grocery shopping yet somehow I’m constantly almost hitting red before the next paycheck. I think I didn’t account for groceries right when I originally did my planning and it’s been screwing me over. I cut out entertainment, eating out, etc. but it hasn’t really helped as much as I wish it would. Luckily I just got a raise at work so hopefully that will help.


These are all top secret at the moment, but one of them will have an announcement at the beginning of next month. But a cheeky sneak peek is that one is a product and one is a major series! And that’s all I can say at the moment. Try to guess what they are in the comments.

Pokémon Go

This application has basically taken over my life, and I’m completely fine with it. I’ll probably be tired of it in a month or two, but I really enjoy using this application to go out around the Twin Cities for walks and sight-seeing. On most of these walks, I take Pixie Bug along with me as she’s a little energizer bunny that can just walk for ages. She gets tired after ten miles, which is like a three or four hour long walk. So we go for long hikes. And I’ve been going to a lot of different places so I can find different kinds of Pokémon. As of this post I’m a level 19 trainer with 76 out of 150 Pokémon, I also have gotten 3 out of 4 the Eevee evolutions.

Bear and Bug

So Pixie and Bear are officially best buds. They play 24/7 when they are together. And not the I’m just going to share toys and chase the other around… no they rough house 24/7. To the point where you can’t hear music or television because of them. But that also means, I have to share Bug for three days out of the week with my mom and sister. I had to do that before, but now I at least have a set day where I get Pixie back since they can only tolerate three days of their rough housing.

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