Morphe 35O Matte and Shimmer Palettes

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I have never tried nor owned anything from Morphe, but I have always heard about how great their brushes are. Someday I’ll actually get some to try out but for now I’ll keep using my E.L.F. brushes. But I heard they had eyeshadow palettes and found nothing but good reviews for the 35O palette, so I went onto their website and saw there were actually two different ones. One that was matte and another that is all shimmer. Now I go back and forth on which one I prefer for my eyes so I purchased both in a combo pack. The palettes individually are about $23, but together with shipping in the U.S. the two palettes were $50 together. And when you get 70 shades spread across the two palettes, it’s less than one dollar a shade each. I love shimmer shadows, but a lot of brands when they do shimmer have something in the pigment that make my eyes so itchy… like Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette. So I have to go with matte shades more times than not. This is why I got both palettes just in case I ended up having to part ways with the shimmer palette. I figured if it didn’t work, I would give it to my sister as she’s getting into eyeshadows and the swatches for this palette are amazing!

35OM (Matte) Palette

35OS (Shimmer) Palette

Swatching Video

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoy these palettes as they fill like butter when I was doing the swatches. They are also really pigmented and easy to blend on my eyes. So I will be keeping both of these palettes. I really love the orange look that I got out of this palette, and will do a video about this in the future as part of my single color makeup look.

Have you ever tried these palettes or any other Morphe palette?

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