Trip to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

I had a bit of a vacation this week and after getting very sunburnt, I did not want to do anything else that involved the sun. So my family decided to take a trip down to Jordan, MN where the state’s largest candy store is located. I thought this was something similar to a place I used to go in my childhood where you could get individual candies, but this was not the case. You could get a lot of different kinds of candies, but you buy each of these candies in bulk.

Every area of the store had different themes. One area had clouds on the ceiling with “hot air” balloons with different themes moving up and down. Another area that had a lot of Doctor Who themed products/candy had a TARDIS that periodically played the theme song of the show. As a Doctor Who fan, I really loved that.

I didn’t get anything personally, but my sister did get a lot of candy from the store. But she’s the one with the sweet tooth. I still can’t believe all the flavors they had in the store. Some of them seemed normal, while others did not.

The store is also the largest puzzle store, every section had puzzles on the bottom and top row. They also have a lot of soda sections, including Bacon Soda. Speaking of bacon, they had bacon flavored everything almost everywhere, including a giant bacon section called “The Bacon Shoppe.” I know bacon is a huge thing, but I never really thought there was this many candies or products that were bacon flavored. They had bandages, toothpaste, dental floss, jelly beans, mints, wallets, soda, and popcorn bacon flavored items. It was unreal.

Do you have a candy store that you love to go to or one you enjoyed going to growing up? If so, what was your favorite type of candy from that place?


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