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Fourth of July Makeup & Outfit of the Day


I don’t know if it’s the election season this year that’s making me not very enthusiastic about being an American or something else. But I’m not feeling over thrilled or patriotic this year. But I still want to do something patriotic for the holiday. So I’m dressing up in red, white and blue and doing my makeup. As well as going with my family to see the American pass time, baseball (honestly not my favorite sport to watch next to golf), and seeing fireworks after the game.

Makeup of the Day

I’m not going over the top on my makeup as I’m also wearing USA apparel, but still enough to convey the idea. Using only Super Shock Shadow from Colourpop,  I used white (Tassel) in the inner third of my eye, blue (Coconut) on the outer two thirds, and red (Erotic) in the crease. and a little under the eye to smoke it out. For my lips, I’m going with a bright red shade from ColourPop called London Fog.

Outfit of the Day

As I’m going to be outdoors for most of the day at a baseball game and into the night for fireworks, I wanted something comfortable to sit in. And cool during the day but a bit warmer at night. So I decided on a blue t-shirt, a American flag scarf, and a pair of dark denim short-shorts. Then I can’t think of any better shoes to wear then my high top converse. The scarf and shirt I got at Target, and the other items I got long ago so I don’t remember where I purchased them.

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