Terrible Habits That I Need to Break

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This past week I’ve been super busy with work and the post I was going to attempt to do today, just didn’t happen. I’ll do it at another point in the future when I have more time to make it to the quality that it deserves. So instead of that post, I’m going to do a personal one about all the bad habits that I have.

Credit: Pink Pot

Credit: Pink Pot

  1. I have contacts that you’re supposed to change out every month and only wear during the day. I wear them around the clock for a month purely because I forget to take them out every single night. You would think after I got an ulcer on my left eye because of this I would stop but I haven’t.
  2. I chew the skin around my fingernails. They look like a mutilated mess but my nails themselves are not because I want to keep those looking good so I can apply Jamberry nail wraps.
  3. I will randomly narrate my life or an activity I’m doing as if I’m the narrator in a movie. And I realize how weird it must sound to others that overhear me.
  4. When people ask me to do something or if I can help them with something, I will automatically say “No” then do the thing they asked me about. Like, “Mae, can you hand me the remote?” “No,” while handing the remote to the person.
  5. Similarly if someone asks where something is, I say I ate it.
  6. I make a to-do list almost every day, and I seldom follow it. I.E. like writing what I was going to write for today in advance.
  7. I do not wake up for the day to my alarm on the first time. I have my phone with my alarm on the other side of the room so I purposefully have to get up to turn it off. Yet every morning, I grab the phone, bring it back to my bed, and hit snooze like ten times until I have like ten to fifteen minutes to get ready and get out the door.
  8. Drink way too much caffeine, and every time I drink it I tell myself and others that I’m not going to drink anymore caffeine then proceed to go buy five bottles of pop to drink over the next two days.
  9. I make plans to call or talk to someone, then never actually get around to doing it. So I don’t keep in touch with friends and family members.
  10. I obsess over things I’m watching: television shows, music videos, YouTube videos, movies, etc. I tell myself I’ll only watch one more than end up watching the entire season, movie multiple times in the same day or week, or ten more similar videos.
  11. I bite or pick at my lips so they always look chapped.

What are some of your bad habits that you need to work on?

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