July 2016 Goals

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I saw several other bloggers do these including Mandy from A Girl Obsessed, and I really love reading these. Plus it would be a good idea if I actually wrote down the things I wanted to achieve every month. I might continue to do these at the beginning of every month, or every few months.

Credit: i.e.,Tishana

Credit: i.e.,Tishana

July Goals

  • Get my hair cut so there are layers again and dyed so it’s one constant color.
  • Start mixing smoothies for breakfast in the morning.
  • Wake up more than twenty minutes before I have to leave so I actually have time to do everything in the morning before heading to work.
  • Purchase ALEX from IKEA or something similar to store makeup and create backdrop for videos.
  • Create a new logo for blog.
  • Get some fake plants for the townhouse, can’t have real because Kiki would apparently destroy them.
  • Finish Dragon Age Origins (it’s been over a month since last video and I literally only have the finale left to play) for my gaming channel and start a new series.

What are your goals for July?


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