The Goddess Collection Announcement

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I am so excited to announce a little project that I started a few months ago. I have loved watching many of my favorite YouTubers create Avant Garde looks inspired by different things for years now. Though I’ve never tried to recreate them, I kind of wanted to try creating some looks of my own. So I decided to find my muse with the goddesses of various mythologies and create some of my own makeup tutorials. To start with I am going to be doing some Greek/Roman goddesses, but will be moving to Norse and Egyptian mythology afterwards. Let me know if there is any goddess you would like to see in this collection and I will try to include it. These are the ones I’m currently planning on doing (listed in no particular order): Iris/Arcus, Athena/Minerva, Nyx/Nox, Gaia/Terra, Aphrodite/Venus, Amphitrite/Salacia, and Demeter/Ceres.

Leading up to the creation of goddess’s everyday looks I have been playing around with looks and posting them to my Instagram. I’ve also been experimenting with creating different effects by mixing makeup to create something new. Some things worked out really well and some were major fails that will never see the light of day.

I will starting to upload the series on YouTube on September 5, 2016! And will have new videos every few weeks as they take a while to design, film and edit especially while I’m also working two jobs and working on my blog and gaming channel. With each Goddess I will also have a blog post related to the Goddess.

Here is a sneak peek at the goddess in the collection:

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