Revlon Photoready Eye Art Review and Swatches

I have five of these and I do wear them from time to time. My verdict on these have changed since I first got these. Mainly just because I didn't realize you had to powder cream makeup to prevent the crease. But since adding translucent powder, I no longer have this issue. All the cream colors are metallic which is not normally a shade I go for. But I'm trying to reach outside of my makeup comfort zone. And the glitter is iridescent which is nice as it's not over powering. So you can add it in as pops of highlights or depth. But don't go over board as it can cause the cream eyeshadow to flake or cake near the crease even with the translucent powder.


I wish there were matte or non-metallic options. Or that the creams were sold separately from the glitter because I don't use the glitter side as much as I use the other. The cream side also has a dope applicator while the glitter side is a brush. There are a few other colors that i do not have currently but I will most likely get them in the future next time I'm at the drugstore. Each tube which has 0.1 fl oz on each side and costs $9.

What is your favorite cream eyeshadow? I would love to hear about it and try it myself.