Revlon Colorburst Lip Balms Review and Swatches


Though they may say lip balm, I would more all these creamy lipsticks that you can keep up at the drug store. I do not have all of the colors, but I do have a lot of them and plan on buying more in the future. When I don't have the patience in the morning to make liquid lipstick or lipstick, then these are my go to lipstick. Plus they are a chubby crayon style that you can push up by twisting the silver base. Each color is packaged the color of their shade and if they are matte, satin, or lacquer so it definitely helps identifying which one they are. They are super pigmented and give full coverage in about one to two swipes. And your lips due fill hydrated like a balm. However, you will have to reapply the balm later in the day as these are not long lasting. And you especially have to reapply if you eat or drink anything as they smudge. Overall, I do love these even though they are not long lasting. Just because for the price of $7 each is a reasonable price and they have a variety of colors.


Matte Balm

The two matte balms that I have are:

Balm Stain

The two balm stains that I have are:

Lacquer Balm

I do have more of the lacquer balms than I do of the other two kinds. These are the ones that I currently have as well as their swatches:

What is your favorite color in any of these collections?