My Top Three Used Contour Palettes

These are the three contour palettes that I use regularly. Only two of them come with highlight shades and that's the Tarte Park Ave Princess palette and the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro palette.

The shades of this palette from top left to bottom right are:

  • HCPS08 Hollow - A matte deep brown
  • HCPS07 Sculpt - A matte true taupe
  • HCPS06 Toffee - A satin neutral brown
  • HCPS05 Tan - A satin soft brown with red undertone
  • HCPS04 Nectar - A shimmer peach tone
  • HCPS03 Cream - A matte banana tone
  • HCPS02 Soft Light - A matte nude tone
  • HCPS01 Ice Queen - A shimmer pearl/white tone

For my skin tone, Soft Light is great for setting under the eyes, Sculpt is perfect for contour, and Ice Queen is the perfect highlight. Though it is really pigmented, each of these powders are really easy to blend. So you get the perfect contour and highlight. Because I love this palette so much, I don't really want to get anything more high end I still like trying out other palettes. This one costs $30.

If I'm in a rush, I grab this palette as I get both a contour and a shimmer peach blush. I got this one for $6 at the drugstore so for the price it does the job. Plus it fits very nicely in a travel bag. As far as blending it's not as easy as the NYX palette, but can be done. But I would error on not over doing it as it can make your face just look dirty rather than contoured.

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Contour Palette

This was the first contour palette I ever got and cost $34. So by far the most expensive out of the three palettes that I use as it is around the same price as the NYX palette but has less shades. I tend to use this palette during the summer as it is a warmer tone compared to the NYX palette. And the highlighter and blush that come with it I use throughout the year as they are glorious shades. The palette is very pigmented so a little goes a long ways.

What is your favorite contour/highlight palette?