My Top Three Used Concealers

In continuation of the Saturday Top 3 Used Product series I've been doing, this one is all about the concealers. Because sometimes you don't want to put foundation on and other times you need a little help getting rid of bags under the eyes or acne on the face.

The colors for each of these are similar yet different. The first one is Maybelline which I've used the most out of my concealers and is the exact color of my skin tone. So I sometimes use this one in replacement of my normal foundation. The next is Rimmel London and is the darker shade. So this one is used mainly in summer when my skin has a little bit more of a tan. And lastly we have Nars, which I use underneath my eyes.

This one I was concerned with at first because of the top. But as I used it, I loved it so much those concerns were completely removed. As I reach for this a lot. It cost about $7 and I am for sure get another one of these in the future. As it can be used to remove bags under the eye and conceal all acne. 

This one is the cheapest of the three concealers as it cost $6. And is very pigmented. But since it is darker than my skin tone and I went with the lightest shade the drugstore had, I can only use this one if I have a bit of a tan. But when I do, this one works perfectly though it is a little heavier than the other two concealers that I use.

This one is a sample/travel size concealer that I got at Sephora for $12 but the full size is $29. And I've had this for a while so this one has definitely lasted. This one does magic for underneath my eye. On nights where I fell victim to insomnia, this is my go to as it makes it all vanish. So yes it is more, but it feels the nicest and works miracles.

What is your favorite concealer?