Makeup Eraser Review

I learned about this product while I was watching Beauty Break. So I went onto Amazon and purchased it for myself for $20 with prime, $25 without prime. They have a grand total of three different colors: pink, blue, and black. I chose the black only because I know how lazy I can get and though this is rated to be good for 1000 washes, I will probably not get around to it after every time. So black seemed like the best option for me. The main reason why I got this was because I always seem to be running out of eye makeup remover or makeup remover in general. So something that only requires water to remove 100% of your makeup without seconds seemed like a nice thing. 

The cloth is approximately 7 inches wide and 16 inches long. Add on that all the reviews seemed very positive and I felt like I was in for a treat. Everyone was basically calling it black magic so my expectations going into this were very high.