My Essie Nail Polish Collection

In college, I discovered my love for nail polish as it was the first time since I was fourteen that I could wear nail polish as I wasn't allowed to at my first job. But that didn't stop me from rocking black nails through Junior and Senior High School. But colors, I found that love in college.

My current favorite is the Essie Nail Polish Collection. It dominates the nail polish box and I always grab one if I'm out shopping. Though I often forget what I have so this is a nice reminder for myself as well as a chance to share it with all of you.

The Warm Shades

The Cool Shades

What it's to love about these? They have the minimal look with the clear bottle and white tops. They apply really easily and for me they last for a good two to three weeks, which is when I'm ready to switch to a new color. Add on I can get them in most places for around $8.50 and I can't resist. Some places I know that sell these are Target and Walmart, but you can also get them on Amazon.

I am planning on getting more in the future. If you have any suggestions or favorites, please let me know as I would love to hear them!