Fashion of the Grammys Awards 2016

This week for Fashion Friday, I'm looking at fashion of the Grammys. I was debating on doing something else for this week but with the Grammys just happening, I can't help but look at all the outfits celebrities wore on the red carpet. So I thought I would just spend today looking at some of the more interesting dresses that stood out for me. Images belong to their representative owners, each image is linked to where I got them from.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

The first two dresses that comes to mind when I think about the Grammys this year, is none other than Taylor Swift in the Versace orange bandeau crop top and full pink skirt with a slit. And Selena Gomez in a glorious azure sequin number from Calvin Klein with cutouts on the side.

Ellie Goulding

Continuing with members of Taylor Swift's Crew is Ellie Goulding in a lilac slip dress from Stella McCartney. Though the dress is very simple, it looks drop dead beautiful on Ellie. Especially with the diamond necklace.


What isn't there to saw about this dress? When I first saw this, I wasn't sure about the dress. Mainly from how it sits on her hip as it is a wrap. On one side you have the typically red carpet sequin dress and the other is a black top then high slit showing off her very toned physique.

Lady Gaga

At first I did not realize this was supposed to be a tribute to David Bowie. Afterwards, it just took on a whole new meaning. From the hair to the dramatic blue eyeshadow to match the very loud dress by Marc Jacobs. It definitely gives off that vibe the more I look at it, which goes hand and hand with her performance during the award show.

Ariana Grande

Is killing it in this red bustier dress. Not many celebrities can pull off a red dress on the red carpet that doesn't have a lot of detailing to the dress, but Ariana manages to do it effortlessly.

Carrie Underwood

Looks so perfect in this textured black number by Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran, adding sparkle with a statement necklace, diamond rings, earrings and black heels by Giuseppe Zanotti. I love the high slit on the side and just gives the dress a little bit of an edge.

Elle King

Wore this black feather and lace dress also with a high slit. I feel like this award show almost all the celebrities were rocking the high slit. And it worked for them. Elle King paired this very detailed dress with a diamond necklace and bracelet.

What was one of your favorite dresses or outfits of the evening?