My Everyday Necklaces

These five necklaces are the items that I wear most often. I mainly wear simple necklaces that have a lot of meaning for me. The gold feather necklace represents moving on to a new chapter in life. The one next to it is and the turquiose necklace are from my grandma, she gave them to me right before she passed away. And the pearl necklace in the lotus flower is one I got at a Renaissance fair once summer.

Lastly is the big statement necklace in the center. This necklace I get so many compliments for. I got it several summers ago at Target and pair it with any outfit that needs a bit of flair. The trick I use for statement necklaces is to keep the outfit simple so you're not over doing it. Especially if this is something you are wearing around every day and not to a special occasion.

What are some of your favorite necklaces?