City Color Smokey Eye Palette

I saw this eye color palette on a YouTube ad where you could get a free palette and just pay for shipping and handling. I can't find that video anymore so I found a similar deal/price to what I got in chance you were interested. So I was just curious as to if the quality was nice or not. Mainly because it's for my sister and I promised I would help her find makeup to start gathering a collection that works with her skin, eye, and hair color. Rather than all my old goth makeup sets from Junior High School that have long since reached their expiration date.

City Color Smokey Palette

This palette has 12 colors that are grouped in three sections: blue/grey, pink/purple, and green/brown. And come with two applicators, personally I wouldn't use them though I did use them when I was doing the swatches. But in my daily life I would use a brush instead as I find I get better results with that. Most of the colors are shimmer, and five of the twelve shades are matte.

City Color Smokey Swatches

Here's the swatch look of the colors. As you can kind of tell most of the shades are shimmery.