Favorite Places to Go Shopping Online

Lately I've been doing the mass majority of my shopping online and mainly for clothing as I try to create a more defined style rather than a mix and match of clothing that don't really go together. Plus there are so many more things to choose from online as it's easier to see what the store has rather than flipping through article after article in the store looking for just one thing. And some physical stores just do not have the best layout to find what you're looking for.

So I've decided for this Fashion Friday that I would put together my list of all my favorite sites to find trendy clothes that match the style I've been trying to achieve. Though I don't really know what the name of that is at the moment. I'll comment on that in a future post. And the list below is not in any peculiar order.

Forever 21

They have an amazing selection of clothing and accessories that everyone I know always find things to get from this store. They are affordable even if it doesn't always look like it. Plus shopping online at this store is ten times easier in my opinion then shopping at the physical store as there is no real layout to follow in store. But online it's simple and easy to find anything you're looking for.

Charlotte Russe

This place is my go to for anything feminine or girly as they have a lot of items with bows, lace, and pastel colors. But I can also find edgy pieces in the store as well which help pull it together with my "new look". Everything I've gotten from there have been affordable and of good quality.


This is a online that warehouse of clothing that's insanely affordable and has clothing styles for everyone. They also typically have deals that help drive the prices even lower. One thing I do have to note on this site is to make sure you know your dimensions so you order the right sizes as a medium in one thing is not going to be a medium in another.


I love shopping here as I usually find trendy yet boho style clothing. And generally get a few comments throughout the day asking where I got something. Which people are usually surprised when I say it was $22 at Maurices.


This is a new place that I've started shopping at as they have a lot of selection any online shopper would love especially if you love trendy, edgy, or classic style. This is probably also a little more expensive then the other stores I shop at. But they have a huge outlet section with really great deals. 

Those are my favorite places to shop online. What are some of your favorite sites to score a good deal or find cute clothes?