My Favorite Hair Products

I was going through all my hair products the other day that were sitting on my dresser to clear a bunch of sample products out that I don't use or wasn't overly wowed with. Out of all the products these are my all time favorites. I tried to link everything that I could in case you wanted to purchase any of these products.

I do not use all these products at once, but rotate through them on a regularly fashion. I have gone back to curly/wavy hair so these are seeing a lot more action than they did in January or February where I had gone for straight hair.


Ovation Hair

I have used Ovation Cell Therapy since 2014. Typically I get the moisturizing system as it works best for my hair. My sister owed me some as she started to use it in December and got the balanced system instead. Which works just as well but I do prefer the moisturizing system since my hair is wavy and color treated. For the three bottles at full size they are around $96 and first time buyers do get an introductory discount.

Thermal protection and Detangler Spray

As I'm often using some form of straighter or curling iron on my hair set not too high to permanently cause damage to my already chemically treated hair, a thermal spray comes in great use. I put this on right after the shower along with some form of detangle spray.

colorpHlex Leave-In Treatment

Ovation Thermal Protection Styling Spray

Phyto PHYTOKÉRATINE Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray

Styling Sprays

With wavy hair it doesn't always dry the nicest. So to help my waves look like waves rather than a mess, I use one of these three products. The one on the far right is more for in the summer to help protect my hair against UV light from the sun and give it some shine in the winter.

niche Finishing Free-Shine Spray

Styling Creams

Some days my hair just needs a lot of love to get curls or waves to work after a shower. When that happens I go for one of these styling creams. And yes I have a ridiculous amount of the Curl Keeper as I couldn't fit it in the shot without the other items not being able to be read, I ordered the wrong style so I consider the bottle a lifetime supply at this point.

niche styling curl-icious

Hair Spray/Dry Shampoo

The last items I use often are hair spray to keep my hairstyle in place or dry shampoo on two or three day old hair to make it look good especially if it's a busy day where I don't have time to shower until much later. So dry shampoo holds me over until I can.