My Favorite Fragrances

Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace and Twilight Woods

There are two fragrances that I go back and forth between on a regular basis. My nose is really sensitive to powerful smells leaving me sneezing like a mouse. So avoiding powerful florals is generally my rule of thumb. Leaving me with the softer or fruity scents. Though I prefer something more sweet like vanilla.

My all-time favorite fragrance is Vanilla Lace from Victoria Secret, I have been wearing this scent for around five years. It's basically just vanilla and musk scent but I have generally continued to get comments asking what perfume I was wearing or where I got it. The vanilla isn't overpowering either as when it settles then it's more of a wood musk scent. I know a lot of people often find sweet scents sickly so this is the perfect combination.

The other fragrance I often end up grabbing to put on for the day is Twilight Woods from Bath & Body Works. One of my friends gave it to me for Christmas and has become my Fall and Winter scent. It has a few layers to the scent one being a bit of mandarin followed by musk, wood, and vanilla. So I instantly feel like I've just gotten back from walking through the woods with my dog. Which is my favorite thing to do especially after a stressful day at work.

What is your favorite fragrance?