Coachella 2016 Fashion

The two weekends were Coachella, known for the musical festival all celebrities go to and the fashion is throw back to decades past especially the 90s. When it first started to become a major event for fashion, Vanessa Hudgens became the Queen and has ruled ever since. Coachella fashion now is a predictable combination of flower crowns, chunky metallic jewelry, fringe, and bandannas. Many of which become the summer trends for the reminder of the year. Especially when practically anything is a go at the festival.

Images are not my own, they belong to their respective owners. Which are listed below the images.

Kendall Jenner

Her look this year is the perfect festival outfit especially for Coachella. You have the perfect about of jewelry to make it interesting but a comfortable outfit that goes great with the transition from day to night. Out of all the outfits, this is my favorite.

Kylie Jenner

I'll give her points for what she was trying to do, but the black dress just does not look good with all the wrinkles.I don't know if that's the style of it but it just looks like she pulled it out of a pile of dirty clothes that had been under a mountain of books or something to get it that many wrinkles.

Emma Roberts

If I went to Coachella, this is exactly what I would probably end up wearing. A comfortable top, shorts, and sunglasses.

Bella Throne

If I think about all the trends of Coachella, this outfit pretty much sums them up with the 90s necklace, multi-colored hair, shorts with patches on them, and a loose fitting top that is off the shoulders.

Nina Dobrev

You got the lightweight long coat with a big black hat and reflective glasses. If that doesn't scream festival in the spring, I don't know what would. Plus I love her studded black boots.

Vanessa Hudgens

You have feathers in the hair, distressed overalls, tons of bracelets, choker, and denim shirt. Very festival but not something I would really expect the Queen of Coachella fashion to wear, mostly just because this is something I would probably wear to an outdoor concert myself.

Taylor Swift

This is like a very rocker look for Taylor Swift. Her shoes are not on all the way, I would probably do that myself with sneakers as I have definitely done that before. Not sure about her bleached blond hair.

Who do you think rocked Coachella and who do you think didn't pull it off? I would love to hear about it.