My Favorite Beauty Channels on YouTube

I watch ten times more YouTube videos then I do television shows, and is my preferred source of entertainment these days when I'm not playing video games. Though that has become a YouTube channel of it's own now. But there are some channels I love watching especially if I'm looking for inspiration or want to learn about something new from techniques to products. And since they are beauty channels, I will show just some of their amazing work in case you want to go check out their channels. All work belongs to them.

Glam And Gore - Mykie does amazing beauty and SFX makeup looks. Plus we pretty much have the same personality to the point where my mom will walk by my room and ask why I'm watching my own videos until she realizes it's not me that I'm watching. I discovered her channel during the 2015 NYX Face Awards and have watched every video multiple times.

Made U Look - Lexie does amazing body paint tutorials. Every single one makes me want to go out and by body paint to try something myself. I'm debating on doing it too as I have an interesting Disney one in my head too. But it will probably be no where as amazing as Lexie's.

Zoella - Zoe Sugg is one of my favorite YouTubers and she is such a sweetheart. I love watching her hauls, tutorials, and daily vlogs. They also make me want to go to the UK in the worst way. But my all time favorite thing from Zoe is that I've learned all my favorite hairstyles from her.

Tanya Burr - I love watching her celebrity inspired makeup tutorials because you can take elements of these and apply them to your own makeup techniques. I also really love her baking videos and have saved several of them so I can go back and make them myself.

Tati - Or Glam Life Guru, goes through things she found new in at Sephora, Ulta and drugstores as well as first impressions with check-ins throughout the day to show how the product holds up over time, and review expensive beauty products. Because of the check-ins I honestly value her opinion on products.

Grav3yardgirl - Bunny does as seen on TV products, first impressions on makeup products, and unboxings. I can always trust her recommendations as you can honestly see what the products do as she's trying them out.

Guy Tang - Hair inspiration goals! I watch these and want to go out to get my hair dyed different fashion colors. If only it was acceptable at the places I work. Which that might be changing in the future so I have some peek-a-boo ideas that I might do thanks to the amazing inspiration from Guy Tang.

Beauty Break - This one I just love watching Lilly and Joslyn trying out weird beauty products. They are hilarious and you can genuinely tell if a product isn't good because they have the hardest time trying to figure it out.

Kandee Johnson - I love watching her transformation videos as well as tutorials as they have helped me a lot in my daily makeup application. Especially when it comes to contouring and highlighting.

What are some of your favorite beauty YouTubers?