What's in my Bag - Spring 2016 Edition

My bag is nowhere near "clean". It has a bunch of receipts and a bunch of doodles on post-it notes that I end up forgetting about until way after the fact so they are no longer relevant to what's going on. So for the sake of today's post, I'm going to leave those random pieces out. For the most part, nothing changes in my bag. I always have the same item in it. Unless you count which lip gloss or lipstick I have in my makeup bag that I use to touch up my face throughout the day.

Tidebuy Arrow Bag:

I recently got a new bag from Tidebuy that's white with tan arrows. It did come in a set so I have the same handbag size for whatever occasion I have. Including a smaller one if I'm going out with my friends and don't need nor want to bring everything with me. A larger size for when I'm going out for a while and need to bring a lot around. And then just some in between sizes. The set is originally $75 but I got it on sale for $30.

Benefit Makeup Bag:

This is my makeup touch up kit, which I got as a free gift from Ulta after I purchased some Benefit mascara and the porefessional primer. This is by in no means, all my makeup nor everything I typically put on my face when I get ready in the morning. It's more of the common things that I find need to be fixed during the day. All the rest of my makeup stays in my collection in my bedroom. But the main items that stay in it are the following: I Love… Raspberry & Blackberry super soft hand lotion, Amika: Perk up Dry Shampoo, Burt's Bees replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil, Gold Bond ultimate skin therapy cream with aloe, Too Faced Love Flush long-lasting 16-hour blush in Love Hangover, a tweezer, Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara sample size, NARS Concealer in Vanilla, a silver rose mirror, and the day's current lip gloss or lipstick. There are a lot of lotions and I should probably take some out, but I end up switching it up depending on how my hands are doing. Some days I really need some nourishment, which is when I'll reach for the Gold Bond. Otherwise I end up just using the I Love… Raspberry & Blackberry super soft hand lotion. I typically don't include eyeliner or eyeshadow as I generally don't have to touch those up throughout the day.

Apple Head Phones:

I use this every day at work to listen to music while I'm working as I cannot stand silence.

Apple iPhones:

I don't have them both in the photograph, as I am using my iPhone 6s Plus to take the photograph, but I generally have both phones in my bag as one is personal while the other is for work.


I didn't even realize that I had two things of mint and a pack of gum in my bag until I was taking everything out for this post.

Samsung Glass Cleaner:

I have one glass cleaner thing to clean off my glasses and sunglasses. Sunglasses more often as I don't typically wear my glasses unless I honestly cannot wear contacts that day. But having something to clean them is important as they magically attract dust throughout the day.

Phone chargers:

I have both a car and wall charger plug that can be used with the USB cord. I keep one with me for both my iPhones, and pray they don't die at the same time.

Jamberry Sample Kit

I made these manicure sample kits with mini nail files and orange tip in case anyone ever showed interest in Jamberry nail wraps. My nails unfortunately broke due to switching off of my cell therapy shampoo/conditioner so I had to wait until they heal before I can start wearing them again.


Next, I have my Alpha Omicron Pi wallet by Lilly Pulitzer in my bag. It serves as a reminder to my sorority as well as house all my cards including ones for work and in general.


I have about a dozen RayBan knock off sunglasses that I have gotten from music festivals over the years and different events. So in the Spring/Summer there is always a pair in my bag. My favorite one from my dozen "disposable" sunglass collection are these white ones that I got from TCF Bank during a music festival.