DIY Rainbow Highlighter

This is a huge internet craze and it's a homemade product. The original by Bitter Lace Beauty that went crazy popular is completely sold out. It was first sold on Etsy but after it became insanely popular, the shop was closed down and relocated to their own website. The product is sold out and since then many people have came up with their own recipe for recreating this highlighter. So I figured I might as well attempt it myself.

The things you'll need:

  • Colorful eye shadows, I'm using a palette I got at Ulta that was five dollars and has all the colors needed. I do not have the name of it. But the colors are not the greatest by themselves so they're perfect for this project. As my palette does not contain a yellow, I will be using a little bit of NYX Primal Colors in Hot Yellow. 
  • Highlighter, I'm using one by Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl from the drugstore that the container will be used as the final home.
  • 91% alcohol
  • Bowls to mix everything into.
  • Something to crush the shadow and highlighter with.

How to make the rainbow highlighter:

Step One

Break up all the colors into fine powder then put each color into individual bowls. I'm using the lighter shades out of the palette so it's more pastel as I don't want it to be overly pigmented since it will be a highlighter in the end. I eventually went back in and also did some pink as I didn't have enough to fill the pan back up in the end.

Step Two

Break up the highlighter into fine powder then spread equally to each of the colored bowls

Step Three

Mix the color and highlighter together. Don't panic if it doesn't look 100% correct the first try. I couldn't tell a difference between red and orange until they were in the pan and flattened.

Step Four

Put in the alcohol and mix until you have a liquid paste.

Step Five

Transfer each color paste into the now empty highlighter container. Laying one color in at a time. You might find you didn't make enough or have too much. I didn't have enough and quickly made a pink out of the remaining highlighter that I had on the plates. Once laid down in the pan, flatten so it's smooth.

Step Six

Put in the fridge and leave to sit for 24 hours. This is the result that I got as well as when I was swatching it. My skin tone is very light to begin with and highlighter normally doesn't show off too well or colors look insanely dark. So I didn't know what to expect with this. It acted like a normal highlighter in that I could hardly see it on my skin. But as it catches the light then I can see the hint of the colors of the rainbow.