My Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

In exactly one week from today I will be turning 23. So I thought today would be fun to share all the items I have on my wishlist. And yes, some of them I do not expect to actually get for my birthday but I would still love them to the moon and back. My birthday has always been interesting around my house because some years it falls directly on or after mother's day. So we ended up sharing a birthday/mother's day dinner at a restaurant we agreed upon. Which typically ended up being Red Lobster as I love snow crab and their artichoke lobster dip.

The main thing I really want is a DSLR camera, specifically the Canon EOS Rebel T5 as I have gotten really into photography and my current actual camera is broken so I've been using my iPhone. Which is ok in quality but no where near the DSLR camera. Also I plan on using it for making YouTube videos on my main channel. After that I want to get a Rode microphone and a ring light so I have better quality videos.

In terms of beauty, I only have three items on my wishlist at the moment. Though there are several others I would like, these three items are the things I really want. Two of them being from NYX: the macaron lippie and the wicked lippie. I had plans on doing something in the future with them and these are the perfect lipsticks for that. The other beauty item I want is the Green Bubbleroon from LUSH.

Lastly I would really love a Pop! Vinyl figurine of my favorite Disney princess Rapunzel. Problem is if I get one Pop! Vinyl I know I will want a lot more including the other Disney princesses and Marvel superheros as I love both of those a lot. And then I'll probably want all my favorite TV show characters. So that one I might just avoid all together, but they are so cute!