Home Office Area Wishlist

So since moving, I have been slowly creating an office area. It created as my makeshift desk of two organizer cubes with a piece of wood across them, then I got myself a desk, and recently I moved it and decided I wanted to make it an actual office area. So I'm designing the area which will include a new makeup storage since I use the makeup products constantly for videos or blog posts. So having it closer sounded like a good idea.

For the makeup storage, I really want to get two ALEX drawer units from IKEA. As I want to get the six drawer units and they are each $119, I'm going to be saving every penny so I can get these before I continue forward with the decor pieces. I don't know how I'm going to organize my makeup yet in them, but I'll figure that out when I actually get them. On top of the ALEX drawer units, I'm planning on putting some fake plants from Amazon

Other items I want to get are from either Target or Hobby Lobby, but I'm not sure how if it would all fit are a copper decorative figurine, a mirror tray, and small vases with gold polka dots to organize makeup tools like brushes. These will be joining my mirror, mirror jewelry box from Charlie Charlie, and teal makeup brush holders. I don't want the tops too cluttered as it will be in the background of my videos with the tie-dye tapestry.

What are some things you find to be really nice to have in your office/makeup area?