Rebel Rebel | Ipsy June Glambag 2016

Misfits. Rulebreakers. Badass babes. The riot starts this June. We’re hitting the streets with serious sizzle and signature looks. Coloring outside the lines is encouraged. Sitting on the side of the lines is not.
— Ipsy

I was extremely excited to get this bag after seeing the sneak peek video from Ipsy which was just their photo shoot for promo and welcome card as there is no information on the products located on these cards. But I love the bag it came in as there is just something so unique about graffiti art and the fact that they played that into the bag makes me really happy.

Unboxing Video

Products Received:

Hey Honey 24Seven Honey Day & Night Revitalizing Cream

This honestly feels like a dream, in the video I tested this out on the back of my hand and it still feels insanely smooth and soft like butter after an hour. Typically this costs $38.00 and I will for sure be repurchasing this when my sample size runs out as if it can make my hand feel that great then my face is going to feel amazing!

Delectable by Cake Beauty Everything Balm

This honestly confused me at first because it literally just listed everything and I had no idea it was an everything balm. Which that concept alone excites me. Here are just a few things that it claims to be perfect for, which I will be putting to the test: softens skin, tames brows, plumps pouts, conditions cuticles, pops cheekbones, brightens dark circles, seals split ends, glosses lips, nourishes dryness, softens heels, polishes puckers, shields skin, rejuvenates knees, smooths frizz, reduces itchiness, refreshes hands, unchaps lips, soothes sunburns, nurses cracks, restores elbows, and eases bug bites. And if it can do all of that and more, then it's totally worth the $16.00.

Seraphine Botanicals blush in Happy Hibiscus

This shade is unfortunately a tad bit too dark as a blush for my skin tone, but I'll probably end up using it as an eye shadow. This product costs $18.00.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Fireball

These are typically $19.00 and sold individually. I don't know if I would go get this individually especially if you are living on a budget as I feel like there are other palettes you can get with more colors for the same price if not a bit more. But this is a beautiful pink highlight.

Formula X Nail Polish in Wingwoman

Typically these are $10.50, which is not a ridiculous price for nail polish. In the unboxing video that if you read my blog every day, then you'll have already seen the video as it was posted on Monday as I did all the subscription boxes together... anyways, I was wrong it's not Kylie Jenner's nail polish line.

Overall Thoughts

I love every product I got this month's glambag from Ipsy. I looked at the other products that were available or sent out this month and I would not switch any of these products out for the other ones. I'm extremely happy with this bag!

If you want to sign up for Glambags from Ipsy, it is $10 a month and you get a bag filled with products you'll enjoy based off a quick quiz so they know which products are best for you!