Starting my own Bullet Journal

After spending way too much time on Pinterest, I decided I needed to make my very own bullet journal. Now it's not the best one in the world, but I have had so much fun making a bullet journal. This idea apparently comes from Ryder Carroll that allows you to organize your life creatively and effectively. Were you can include literally anything like to-do lists, calendars, doodles, goals, and habits.

I have so many different colored pens and highlighters from when I used to work at Staples as well as a bunch of blank moleskin journals. So I decided I would take one and make it a bullet journal to keep track of literally everything I could think of. I only just started making this a week ago so it's not complete yet, but maybe it will spark some inspiration in you to start your own. This is how I've done mine so far!

To start with there's the index page which is just a content page for your Bullet Journal. I update this, but I never really use it when I'm going through the journal. One thing about this journal is pages are rather thin so you can see through them.

The double spread is my year at a glance section. I originally was going to design and draw a background, but changed my mind and took some clippings from magazines and Birchbox info cards to have some inspiration quotes. I like having the phrases at the beginning of the journal as it's generally the first thing I see so I'm inspired by it.

Next up is my goals. On one side I have my goals and on the other I have my opinion of how well I've done to achieve those goals. Not all of them I had at the beginning of the year or haven't rated it yet because I haven't figured out how to measure it.

Next are the book and movie pages. I have the number of books I want to read in a year so once they're all filled then that goal is finished. And the other side it just a bunch of movie tickets that I'm filling out with any movie I've seen either at a theater or at home.

I'm skipping over the budget page as it's not very exciting and onto the wishlist page. These by no means are things I want to get immediately this year but just things I want in the future at some point. And does not include fashion or beauty because those are constantly getting checked off or changed.

The last section that I have done so far is the monthly pages. On one side I have the calendar while on the other page has list of blog posts I want to have up that month, notes, to do list of the month, and goals for the month.

What are some pages you would include in your bullet journal? I would love to hear them as I want to make more in my own journal!