Photography Backdrops on a Budget

All the best photographs are not merely about the subject itself, but the combination with the background. Creating a background helps give more character and branding to the subject. Especially for blogs, having consistency helps your audience identify you. Creating your look and brand will take some experimenting but it doesn't have to be costly. There are tons of different options that are easy enough to use that are rather cheap. Plus they can be used over and over again!

Foam Board

This helps give you a clean, simple background in any color you prefer as craft stores often carry different colors. The most common one you find people using is white. And this costs around $5. These also make it easy to move around to different locations and set up with your light source. Instead of having to find the perfect blank space.

Works best for minimalist or bright white photos.

Textured Fabrics

Textured fabrics give an airy feel to your photographs. You can use curtains, blankets, towels, scarfs, sheets, or samples from the craft store. These are perfect to bring color, patterns, or textures into the photograph. Plus it gives your photographs a unique touch to them as most people are not going to have the same fabrics in the back of their subject. Unless you are buying a new sample, this is free as you already have it around your house.

Works best for rustic or vintage looking photos and food photography.

Paper Goods

From wallpaper samples to wrapping paper to scrapbook paper, this is a great way to also create colorful or patterned backgrounds. I often use a distressed wood wall paper sample that I got at Home Depot for a dollar. But I used to also use coloring pages that I had completed as it was a fun background for beauty products. These are relatively inexpensive from craft stores.

Works best for designers, bloggers, or anyone that loves colorful backgrounds.

Vinyl Backgrounds

Similar to wall paper samples, you can often get vinyl or contact paper that mimics having a specific surface type like wood or marble. It's an easy DIY project of putting the contact/vinyl on a foam board that you can use over and over again.

Works best for anyone!