2018 Year in Review & Looking Forward

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Instead of just doing a review of everything that’s happened in my life in December, I’m going to go over my goals for 2018. To see how close I got to that goal, and look forward into the next year as I’m not going to be doing life lately anymore. I might do some more life updates every now and then but they won’t be scheduled out anymore the last day of the months.

2018 Resolutions

Here is how close I got to achieving them:

Move into a place of my own. I did go look at apartments and fell in love with one, but then a lot of things happened and it wasn’t the right time when the lease was finally up at the apartment I no longer lived at. So I’m regrouping and moving this onto the plate for 2019 and one way or another it’s going to happen next year.

Stop hitting the snooze button in the morning. I still hit the snooze button, but instead of hitting it like ten times, I maybe only hit it once or twice. So improvement.

Start a “podcast” like series weekly on YouTube. After a lot of consideration, I couldn’t figure out what to do a podcast on and decided against this goal entirely. It’s just not something for me and I don’t listen to podcasts anyways. So why I wanted to do to this…? I honestly don’t remember.

Twitch streams every week. I did really good at the start of the year, then stopped and uploaded to my gaming channel almost daily. But it was honestly just not a channel I was happy with, and no matter what I did it went no where so I decided to get rid of my gaming channel but I’m still streaming on Twitch as I still really enjoy that.

Get a second dog. This was dependent on moving and that didn’t happen so no second dog. But now I’m pretty sure Pixie is going to hate me for separating her from Winnie. And I’m not going back to sharing her with my mom and sister… though they are trying to convince me to give her up. Not going to happen.

Lose weight and get in shape. Well I have lost ten pounds over the course of the year, and have been struggling to lose anymore than that. I honestly need help but I need to be able to afford a trainer to do so. Thus this is kind of on hold.

Advance in my career and earn more money. I did get promoted to a support lead at work and considering I left my part time job which I loved, I’m kind of glad for the promotion. I did get the opportunity to be promoted again into the support manager, but I’m not cut out for that. I can be a senior technical lead or whatever new title they are debating on changing me into, but manager just isn’t something I’m great at. I can figure out the technical side and train people to do better, but motivating them and handling HR I’m not there yet.

Get a new tattoo. I was going to get a Harry Potter one with my sister, but backed out last second both times to realize it’s not what I wanted. Nor was I in a place where getting a tattoo was financially a good idea. I’m going to get more tattoos in the future just not that one.

Style hair every workday more than a messy bun/ponytail. I was doing great at this up until Thanksgiving then my hair got chopped off by my hair stylist… which I didn’t want and honestly I hate it. I can’t do anything with my hair and it doesn’t naturally style right anymore so I would have to spend three hours to make it look decent and even then I hate it. So I’m wearing a lot of wigs now with beanies.

Whiten and fix my teeth. This actually happened! Thanks again Smile Brilliant for letting me try out the at home teeth whitening for free, my teeth have never looked better. I have even gotten my gums to a point where I can use an adult tooth brush and not have a bloody mouth. Yes I had to use a baby tooth brush for my gums, but I finally got my gums healthy again and I’m so happy. Along with the whiter teeth, I can smile again without being embarrassed.

Leave more comments. When I read posts I’m better at commenting but I just haven’t had a lot of time to read blogs. I’m going to try better in 2019 to read more blog posts as it was honestly something I loved.

2019 Resolutions

Alright going forward here’s everything I’m hoping to achieve 2019:

  • Move to a new apartment.
  • Read more blog posts.
  • Grow out my hair.
  • Up my editing game on YouTube now that my Premiere issues are over to take my channel to the new level and hopefully grow it.
  • Pay off my car loan and rest of credit card debt to be free by end of year.
  • Finish losing the weight and getting healthy.
  • No more basic blog post titles, all must be interesting and creative. So no titles that are just the product name followed by the words “review” or “swatches.”

What are you planning on achieving in 2019?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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