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24 Facts About Me


As I’m turning 24 in less than a week, I wanted to share with you 24 things you might not know about me. I’ve done one of these last year around my birthday time and one the year before that when I turned 22, so I wanted to keep the tradition going as well. And I’ve double-checked everything to make sure I didn’t repeat anything.

  1. I have known my roommate, Rose, since I was 10 years old. And we’ve been on and off- again friends, not because of any big fights or anything… more just going to different schools at various points.
  2. In elementary school, I had to go to special spelling lessons because I was so horrible at it.
  3. Growing up my mom didn’t let us play video games unless they were educational like Cluefinders.
  4. When I was twelve, I wanted to be an architect and built a lot of paper houses. My mom also got us the Sims (the first non-educational video game) so I could build houses in that.
  5. Only one of my tattoos has colors, and that one is dedicated to my grandma.
  6. I didn’t like playing with Barbie’s, I didn’t think she looked realistic. But I did enjoy playing with Mary Kate and Ashley Dolls.
  7. My favorite shows growing up that I would watch every Saturday morning were: Rugrats and Blue Clues.
  8. I once had three turtles named Wildthing, Sassy, and Sammy. Sassy was supposed to be named Wacko, but my mom forced me to share them with my sister and I had to change the name. Sammy lived the longest out of all the red-eared slider turtles.
  9. I feel completely at peace when I’m walking in the woods.
  10. When I was ten, I was best friends with my neighbor and we built a dozen forts around the neighborhood including one in the woods behind a local park.
  11. Growing up we had two cats (brothers named Snippy and Snuggles) and a dog named Sadie.
  12. We used to go up north (to Wisconsin) every weekend to my grandparent’s cabin until they sold it. Then we got a camper that was a little closer but still in Wisconsin that we visited on the weekends but only in the summer.
  13. Autumn is my favorite season.
  14. In junior high, I tried to learn how to play bass guitar because I wanted to be in a band. But I was not good it.
  15. In high school, I was obsessed with learning about European royalty.
  16. I originally wanted to name my little Pixie Bug, Kallie, but my family didn’t like that it was so similar to my name.
  17. My mom named me with my nickname in mind and always calls me by that. But she hates the two letter version of my name, because it reminds her of a man that used to abuse one of her friends.
  18. My dad was never home growing up, he was always travelling for work. Apparently he volunteered for all the trips but I only learned that part recently.
  19. I used to dislike football until high school. And the only reason I got into the game was because I was into a guy that was on the team.
  20. My longest relationship ever was six months, and I got a stuffed animal from him that I named Chris which ended up being the name of the next guy I dated.
  21. My dad used to take my sister, Lucy, and I to Mall of America on weeknights my mom was working because he didn’t know how else to entertain us.
  22. I have an acoustic guitar that I had no idea how to play, but keep telling myself I will learn someday.
  23. I can no longer remember what my natural hair color is anymore, and even if it grows out I don’t recognize it as being my natural color.
  24. My favorite modern Disney movie is Tangled, and classic Disney movie would have to be either Lion King or Toy Story.


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