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25 Things to Do on a Gloomy Day


February I find drags on as you’re going on the second month of freezing weather, and not a lot of sunlight in Minnesota. So how do you beat the gloomy days of winter? Well I have a list of a few things you can do that are inexpensive and will cheer you up in these last few colder months. Now some of these are not specifically “fun” but they can help your month pass by a little quicker.

  1. Take a warm bubble bath with candles and your favorite movie.
  2. Create a new playlist with all your current favorite music to have a solo dance party.
  3. Rearrange an area of your home/apartment.
  4. Start a new book that you’ve been meaning to read.
  5. Clean your home.
  6. Have a spa day at home.
  7. Spend a day at your favorite coffee shop with a laptop or good book.
  8. Try a new hobby or craft that you’ve seen on Pinterest.
  9. Cook something warm and cozy.
  10. Watch one of your favorite shows or movies cuddled underneath a fuzzy blanket.
  11. Meet up with a friend for lunch.
  12. Visit a local museum, gallery, or aquarium.
  13. Get dolled up and update your social media profile picture.
  14. Go thrift shopping with some friends.
  15. Call up someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and have a nice long chat.
  16. Buy yourself some fresh flowers.
  17. Get lost in a video game for a few hours.
  18. Spend some time journaling about your thoughts and concerns for the day.
  19. Unfollow some accounts that you’re really not enjoying.
  20. Get caught up on your favorite YouTube channels.
  21. Tackle your “To Do” List you’ve been neglecting.
  22. Learn something new. Like a language or instrument you’ve been wanting to learn for a long time but just never made time for it.
  23. Go to a wine and paint night.
  24. Wash all your makeup brushes and organize your makeup so it’s nice and clean for the following day.
  25. Go through your wardrobe and clean out/donate anything you no longer wear.

How do you bear a gloomy day?


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