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3 Looks 1 Palette: ColourPop x iluvsarahii Through My Eyes Palette & Review


I completely skipped on the Dose of Colors collab with iluvsarahii as I couldn’t justify the price. But she released an insanely similar palette and then come with ColourPop, and I couldn’t resist. This palette comes with 16 shades from emeralds to Pantone’s color of the year. “Inspired by Karen’s unique perspective from her side of the beauty world, this palette was made for you to embrace and express your own individuality.”

Since I did a full review with the last ColourPop palette, I thought I would do three looks using this palette. I was debating on doing a week in the palette, which I did do but considering there’s no natural light in the morning, and I don’t want to wake the whole family up with the ringlight it was a bit too hard to get photos of every look. So instead I’m just going to share three of my favorite looks from the week in this palette.

Looks Using Through My Eyes Palette

The first look is a mixture of the teal, orange, and taupe shadows. To create this look I started with Euphoric throughout the entire crease. When I got to the outer corner I used Moody and took that to the lower crease as well. Then before moving on I used ColourPop Creme Gel Liner in Fast Lane, which is a forest green. Then used more of Moody to smudge it out in my lower lash line. Back to the lids, I cut the crease then used flecks in the middle third of my lids and Muze on the inner third. Next I took some Lucido to my inner corner and as a brow highlight. Then to finish the look i used some NYX Epic Ink Liner, Ardell layered demi wispies lashes, and ColourPop x iluvsarahii Ultra Matte Lip in Sueno De Coco.

The next look I did is my version of a grunge glam eyeshadow look. And I freaking love it!! Yes, it warrants two exclamation points. I started out with Misbehave throughout the crease then deepened it with Divina. Next I took the shade Moody on both sides of the lid leaving the middle empty for Wild Soul with Mesmer-Eyez on top. Then I used some NYX Epic Ink Liner, Kush Mascara, and Azeredo Cosmetics Lashes in Irresistible. Then underneath my eyes I did a gradient of Wild Soul to Missbehave to Divina. Afterwards, I took Lucido to the inner corner and a little bit over Wild Soul.

The last look I did for this post is this double cut crease sunset look. It’s not exactly as I imagined it but I still loved the end result. And it mainly didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to due to the stupid crease in my eye caused the space of the second cut crease to match the other one. So there would be tons of transfer, so I decided just to break apart the two sections with glitter/metallic shades from the palette.

So to create this look, I did a total of four gradients using the shades: Wild Soul, Euphoric, Missbehave, and Divina. Then for the outer cut crease I used Nocturne to highlight that area. Then for the inner cut crease, I used a combination of Muze and Mesmer-Eyez to highlight that area. Then like the other looks I used Lucido as the inner corner highlight. I’m also using NYX Epic Ink Liner, Milk Kush Mascara, and Azeredo Cosmetics Lashes in Irresistible.

Review of Through My Eyes Palette

This palette includes a mirror and has a net weight of 16 x 1g (0.035oz) for $23, making each pan worth $1.44. And comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging with the names both on the back and above each shade. Like every ColourPop shadows that they have released in the past the shadows are highly pigmented and feel buttery. I had no issue applying any of the shadows with a synthetic brushes, and they blended out smoothly and evenly.

One thing I initially noted when opening up the palette was the smell. I don’t know what they did with this palette that is so different from the other ones but it has an insanely strong smell when you open it up. I’m wondering if it’s the glue they used as the shadows themselves don’t smell. So if you are sensitive to smells… it’s a thing to note. Also the only shade I found off from the rest of the palettes I’ve ever had from ColourPop is Mesmer-Eyez is very loosely packed into the pan so it’s very prone to fall apart or break. As long as you touch it lightly there are no issues but it was something I noted being different to all of the other palettes I’ve tried from this brand in the past.

Shade Descriptions

  • Lucido: metallic light gold
  • Wild Soul: matte dusty mustard yellow
  • Mesmer-Eyez: metallic orange gold
  • Sandalwood: matte soft light beige
  • In a Wink: matte soft pastel peach
  • Euphoric: matte bright true orange
  • Canela: matte soft terracotta sprinkled with gold glitter
  • Lomo: metallic bright coral red
  • Emerald Dream: metallic vivid emerald green
  • Muze: metallic bright warm gold sprinkled with silver glitter
  • Divina: matte deep blackberry
  • Flecks: metallic icy taupe packed with silver glitter
  • Nostalgia: matte mid-tone warm rose
  • Moody: matte rich forest green
  • Nocturne: metallic rosy red
  • Missbehave: matte rich wine red

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. alwayscleia
    January 26, 2019 / 5:06 PM

    I love all your makeup looks! I don’t think I’ll be picking up this palette just because I have similar shades in other palettes (aside from the emerald green). But it’s a beautiful collection! x

    • Mae Polzine
      January 26, 2019 / 6:04 PM

      Thank you so much! Yeah, it’s really similar to other palettes or you can pull from other palettes to make a similar look.
      ♥ Mae

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